Benswap project is one of the projects ive seen thst have worked so had to ensure it fulfills the tasks set down in the road mad, this project is a pace setter for everyother smartbch project, a lot has been accomplished, is listed in and i hope soon it will be listed in coinmarketcap, also eben has been listed on various centralized exchanges like coinw,hoo,coinex and also on other various tracking site.
what are your thoughts on benswap delivery based on the road map, and how will you rate the team hardwork to provide these services to the users?
Which other centralized exchange do you wish to see eben listed in?
How do you think it will affect the price of the token?
How do you see project in the next 5 years?
What role do you think will play in the growth of smartbch?
Lets all make our suggestions, to take and smartbch to another level